MEMOR (Latin)






Memor brings the concept and process of ancient “Memory Jugs” into a contemporary language. Adorned in notions, jewelry, findings, glass, tile, coins, shells, talismans, etc, these vessels epitomize our nostalgic relationship with objects. A jug may incorporate an ancient European coin and a broken piece of costume jewelry on the same surface, neutralizing the worth and value of each, unifying past and present, holding these two conflicting ideas in one. Memory jugs are also mirrors and alters of the vast objects and findings of our every day life, and an opportunity to view these adornments in a new way; reframing, repurposing, reviving. Unlike a tiling or mosaic, the intuitive loose process of the jugs a whimsical quality and the artist hand is palpable. 


Maxine Midtbo is the maker behind Memor and is a multidisciplinary artist based in Cincinnati Ohio where she lives with her husband and three pets. Memor is inspired by her mother, an amazing antique collector with a sharp eye and a very high taste level. From a young age she would take Maxine around to look at homes, architecture, art, auctions, and estate sales, where she grew to appreciate the beauty of old objects and became fascinated with the nostalgia surrounding them.